Who else here is a hairy dude? I've got pretty good hair everywhere except my back but its starting to get there.
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its a constant battle to control it

the other day i lost 50 lbs by shaving my ass

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Id rather be hairy than be one of those guys who likes a big 4 year old. I know some chicks prefer that, but being hairy is usually seen as more masculine right?
I have hair everywhere... except for my face
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Yeah, I'm pretty furry.
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i'm an average hair dude. i just wish i had a good facial hair, it just grows in my chin...and a bit of the mustache, but i have what you call the 'mexican mustache'
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Yeah and I hate it. But I'm too shy to get it waxed and too afraid to shave it myself because it will probably look worse.
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ME! I had the mixed fortune of hitting puberty age 10. I'm like the hairiest dude in my year at school (I'm 15 now). It's fucking everywhere, I wanna shave it, but I can't be arsed.
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You know what I hate? Asshole hair. Come on
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My back, chest, stomach, legs, arse, sack.... Generally all over my body is like a rug. Y'can actually grab a handful of it.

Once, my old GF waxed my back. My lord that was ****ING itchy afterwards, never again. Lol.
I'm a rather hairy gent, as those who saw the nude will remember, but I don't get it on my back which is nice.
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I have hair everywhere... except for my face

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I have one dark hair, ONE, on my left nipple. It looks fucking ridiculous.

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I would, but I shave basically my entire body (besides my head, obviously) regularly.
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I have, like, mahoosive 80s hair when I do it up to go on stage =D
But that's on my head. I'm not a hairy person by nature.
well i have body hair yeh,

arms, legs, lil on my chest etc etc

but tbh i dont care. cos my gf loves me how i am so really i donrt find it any problem.

body hair is actually a homozygous dominant trait gene wise... so its not a bad thing
people who lack body hair are always homozygous recessive for that gene
and well the heterozygous people will be half and half

sorry just went off on one there
I've got crazy leg hair, I don't mind the hair on my lower legs, but hairy thighs are gross.

You can't shave your pubes if you got hairy legs, you look ridiculous. You just have to trim.
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I am one hair **** ... but its ok. Girls will say they don't like it, but all the ones I ended up with never minded, except they would make me feel like an animal sometimes when they pet my hair on my chest and such =[ oh well, whatever turns them on haha.

But seriously ... too much petting sometimes. Either way they said they liked it on me so meh