help me out please?

Umm, the first too should be fairly easy I would assume.

I need "This Gray", and "Haunt Me" by November Blessing.
I only have the intro for Haunt me. I want the whole thing. I learned the intro; hella hella easy.

And, I need "Robbie Doe" by the Hashslinging Slasher. I guess they're not a real band. But, You can find their song on Myspace. The guitar is crazy in that song.
You'll know it's the song, cause the intro goes..."You've never of the Hash Slinging Slasher..." And then some crazy hammeron/slides or something kicks in and it's crazy. Kind of reminiscent of TDWP.
Robbie Doe IS by THE HASH-SLINGING SLASHER. The band name is misleading, but the used to be a band named, u guessed it, The Hash-Slinging Slasher. They were an underground band from I forgot what state. Anyway, I'm working on figuring this song out by ear right now (for myself of course) but if u want the tab afterwards u'd have to message me. Sorry fr the late reply. Also, I have 3 or so other songs from them, i got before they broke up if u want em