When I write a song for 2 guitars should I have them both tuned the same? And should they be writen in the same key?
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They surely don't have to be tuned the same. Same key usually is best, but can work with different ones sometimes
they don't need to be tuned the same, as long as it sounds good together.
generally being in the same key is good, unless you're writing a harmony line, in which case you might want to transpose the original part.
not necessarily. It can be cool to have one in standard and one in open G if you're in G for example.
Different keys is a little trickier, but a composer with an advanced understanding of theory could pull it off
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It doesn't matter what the tuning is, what matters are the notes that you play. The theory sticky and the crusade articles cover this. Two different keys would require that the listener recognize two tonal centers simultaneously, which many would argue (and I would agree) is impossible.
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