but honestly i don't think i'm that great. Mostly because I have a very hard time reading solo tabs (I.E I cannot even play to gtr solo to iron man because i don't know what notes are where!) the most difficult song i can play is constant motion by dream theater and i can play about the first 1/3s of the solo before im confused at reading the tab.
anyone want to give me advice on how to read solos a little better?
Break them down into pieces, and practice them slowly at first.

Or if your talking the ablility to play as you go, like sight reading tabs (I can do it but its hard) it helps if you have previous sheet music sight reading experience.
learn little bits and pieces at a time, it usually helps to start slow and work up to fast.
I would also start with an easier song than Constant motion, thats not the easiest solo in the world... If you want a dream theater one, try Lines in the Sand. The shapes arent hard and it is more melodic than fast. And what the other guys said, just practice it piece by piece and listen to the cd with the tab in front of you, to try and get a feel for what the tab should sound like, not just what it looks like. Good luck!

EDIT: Lines in the sand is from Falling Into Infinity, which has a different feel than other albums, but is one of my favorites
Biggest secret is to use a song that sounds so awesome that you HAVE to learn it. like the guy's above me said. My base for learning was The Legendary Theme. I was so obsessed with this song that when i couldn't find any tabs with the solo in it i took it upon myself to tab it. Rewinding a hundred times and slowing it down, not to mention Finding the freaking notes was a hassle but it was worth it. Basically you take a part of the solo that sounds....by itself. breaking it down into that will help you. Hope this helps. Oh! and also note that tabbing the song out YOURSELF will make you learn it. If you play it over and over to try and figure it out it will stick in your mind. Take it from me. After that i tabbed out 11 other tabs that were not on here. That is how you learn!