SO i bought a huge ass board of this off of ebay for 8 dollars, and let me tell you this stuff is rad. ive worked with wenge before, and while it is a pain in the ass, and rapes your tools, it was well worth it, well who knew it came in white?!

feels super smooth but still grainy, should make a great oiled neck im thinking...
Good God.

That is sexy as hell.

I had no idea it came in white!
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might make a great top?

looks very badass
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anyone want to buy a neck blank of it? 15 bucks each?

1. Buy huge board of sex wood off ebay for 8 bucks
2. Cut into smaller boards
3. Sell for 15
4. ???
5 Profit

Quote by LP Addict
anyone want to buy a neck blank of it? 15 bucks each?
I want to buy one so much, but I shouldn't. I can't afford to start any more projects for a while, and if I buy this neck blank there's no way I'm keeping myself from starting another build right away.
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I now have a strong desire to try and find a chunk of that big enough for a body.
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would those neck blanks be long enough for a neck through?
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I now have a strong desire to try and find a chunk of that big enough for a body.

Better start working out while you wait. That would be a very heavy guitar.
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LP I've fallen in love with that wood. Would you except buttons and bits of strings for a body blank of that? You really are the wood-conosoir arn't you. I'd like to with that wood.
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jesus christ man that is some seriously sexy wood.
LP, how much do you charge to make a strat neck? you got a page with prices and whatnot? do you even do that sort of thing?
It does look great but wenge is very porous and it would function as a sound dampener. It would probably be fine as a thin top on a very bright wood like alder, though.

Wenge is often used for flooring and paneling because it looks so amazing.
Slightly off topic but LP, i hear people buy wood from you, do you ship out to say, australia?