Me and my band are getting ready for a prom performance, and the selection of songs so far are the following

All The Small Things - Blink 182
Want You Bad - The Offspring
Dammit - Blink 182
Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
Ill Be - Edwin Mcain

Now, Ill Be and Dani California are fun, but I cant stand practicing punk. Me and my bassist have kind of butted heads lately because I keep forgetting the structure to these punk songs, because they arent something that Im crazy about playing.
Do you have any tips on remember structures? I just dont absorb it while I am playing, but I guess its what is popular for high school students.

Also, what do you think about the line up? Any suggestions? The rest of the band was thinking Stacys Mom, but once again, not liking it. What are your opinions? Would Drops of Jupiter by Train be a good one? I really dont know much about what to play for a prom.

Just play the damn songs?

If you get into the music, punk can be alot of fun man. Give 'er a chance!
Why are you playing punk at a prom when all they will want to hear are slow songs and hip hop/techno
Haha, not at my school. Im completely open to punk, I actually love alot of it. I like practicing with the band, but just practicing by myself Im not absorbing it. Now that I look at my question, it looks pretty obvious, and a stupid question .
Do you think that Stacy's Mom is a good one to play? And also Drops of Jupiter?
stacy's mom yes, drops of jupiter no. Don't think that'd be the best choice for a bunch of highschoolers. maybe some other slow song?
what about Flake by Jack Johnson? Everyone loves Jack Johnson around here, but my bassist is questioning its danceability.
To remember song structures, count out the measures for each part of the song. than write them down. There you go- Thats how my band writes all of its songs.
I'd say switch out the last song for "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry, or just add it in to make the set list a little longer. I think it'd fit perfectly as the ending song to a prom.
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To learn a song's structure after I've learned its parts, I just play it without any reference or music or tab in front of me. I essentially close my eyes and play it. For me, that drills it into my head really pretty quickly. It might take me 10 times through a song to get its structure down perfectly but it works eventually.
Try some Dance Punk; it IS a prom after all. And hip hop/slow songs. Sadly, many high schoolers are into pop so you kind of have to compensate. It would be stupid to play a post-hardcore song at a dance.

I write songs.
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First of All Blink 182 =/= Punk

Anyway, go for well known songs, and becasue its a prom, you are allowed, even encouraged to play cheesy music. So Drops of Jupiter is good, possibly even Dont Stop Believing by Journey. You are gonna need slow slongs for the couples to dance to, and fast songs for everyone to have a laugh. Are you the only musical entertainment or is there more after/before you?
First of All Blink 182 =/= Punk

Yeah, blink is pop punk. I love em, but they're pop punk. If you want some punk to dance to try something like Rock n Roll High School by the Ramones or Rock the Casbah by The Clash (a real punk band). I dunno, just my two cents.
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Play some Necrophagist
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"Last Kiss" by Pearl Jam or "Wonderful tonight" by eric Clapton are good dance tunes.
This is like the exact thing I want to have my band do. And my band plays a lot of those songs. People will know Dani California, Ocean Avenue and All the Small Things. The Edwin Mccain thing i dont think people would know. If the Offspring are popular around where you live play Want You Bad. My band played that at a talent show and no one knew it. Dammit will also probably be known because it recognizeable but if people dont like Blink around you then they might now know it.
Punk is like the mostly simply constructed types of music around (except that bitch, rap)
Tada, a Punk song lol .
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The complexity of the linear arrangement of a song has absolutely nothing to do with how good it is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a simple arrangement - particularly for a tune that is in any way related to any commercial genre. (rap, hip-hop, pop-punk, punk, top-40, r+b, dance, hard rock, hair metal, funk, electronica, straight-up rock, etc.)

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want something slow and mellow, "Serenity" by Godsmack
or something upbeat and fun, "The Anthem" by Good Charlotte
You could look into some Fallout Boy stuff, or maybe some Pretty Odd era Panic at the Disco. If you want pop-ish slow songs, then I suggest hitting up John Mayer. Franz Ferdinand and The Killers are good to. Also, because for some reason it hasn't been said yet, play I Cum Blood.
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dude DEFINITELY do drops of jupiter. it was our homecoming theme this year and everyone loved it.

and dont forget the classics:
play that funky music-wild cherry
you shook me all night long-acdc
sweet child of mine-gnr

i know those are a little different styles, but almost every dance ive ever been to has had them. maybe try some journey too, and possibly newer stuff like nickelback that fags at school would like? lol
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