this is a song still unfinished but its got a verse pre chorus and chorus so id though id try this out, tell me what you think UG as this is one of the first songs ive written
if theres trouble or confusion with figuring out the point of the song or meaning i will happily answer it ok

Haze, its all I can remember
after crashing off the side of the interstate

Help is all I seemed to cry
as I fell with my vehicle
praying I wont die

pre chorus:
Obliteration of my mind
Now it seems I cannot find
myself, who the hell am I?

Clouded my past is I cannot see
What lies in that was my memory

Living with my past so shaded
doesn't seem so bright for me
I must find the answers
to live in a peaceful reality

please comment and put opinions down. helpful advice is good to
it's got potential,
but get a thesaurus....

a lot of the words didn't really seem to fit either in rhythm or flow,
and some were quite frankly too "literal"

don't give up on it, just try n spice it up a bit