I bought a used Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue that just recently blew a tube and created an odd burning smell. I took it to an amp tech and he replaced both output tubes with Fender GT 6L6's and 1 pre-amp tube. I played it when I picked it up yesterday and it sounded fine. This morning about 5 minutes into practicing I noticed an intermittent static noise coming from the speaker. It was a light crackle that would just start and stop. I checked the cable and tried using a different power outlet and nothing changed. Then I noticed the smell again from the back of the amp. I took the back cover off and the first 6L6 had burned the white Fender logo black and had an orange glow in it from the top of the tube to the bottom. It looked completely different from the other 6L6 tube.

Is it just my bad luck with the tube or signs of a possibly bigger problem? Any thoughts would be great.
god do tube amps remind me of women.... its probably a biasing problem so i would take it in and rest easy.