okay my plan is to major in music education in college and i would like to audition for jazz guitar. after looking at the college's audition guide i realized i didn't know most of what to play. so i bought the first four books in the Barry Galbraith jazz series. my question is should i play through and learn each book in order? or how should i go about learning this material? also, would it be in my best interest to find a qualified teacher or is this something i should be able to do on my own? thank you.
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you can either learn each book in order or just learn the most important parts of the book. i would recommend learning each book until you understand each part of it. this might take a while but it would be worth it. make sure you do this to each book before you move on to the next one. and yes, get a teacher. believe me, it would help alot. if your stuck your teacher can get you through it. also your teacher can point out what your doing wrong. this and alot of dedication you should be just fine