Got unwanted gear, old music stuff taking up space or collecting dust in your garage, closet, attic or storage shed. If your willing to part with it, I am willing to take it off your hands for a good cause, to help Men, Women and Children enjoy the thrill of discovering music or to help fellow musicians who are down on their luck a second chance to rebuild and play again. I am willing to pay a discounted price depending on the equipment, working or not I will take it. Donations accepted. Please e-mail if your interested in helping or lending a hand or if you just need a hand. Remember this is a hand up not a hand out.
It might be a good idea to include the website or at very least the name of the organization you're helping out, since people probably won't just ship free gear off to you without knowing it's going somewhere legitimate.
Good call, its Scrap yard music the website is under construction at the moment. Right now I am just seeing if anyone would be interested in participating. I only have so much and without other I couldnt do this. So far the outcry from the public has been, well as one would expect, debating on what the org is and does. I am still at ground level with this thing so any advice is greatly appricitated.
^You need to have a solid game plan. Getting this kind of thing off the ground is always tough because in the beginning you just seem like somebody that is asking for stuff. Having a website will help a lot because it's going to give you credibility. Even if it's just 1 page it's still a help. Tell us a bit about how you got the idea, who fixes up the gear, and how you decide who gets given what. If you are giving and selling stuff where does the money go from the stuff you sold? I know that the money would go into buying more gear and funding repairs but tell the public so they can be comfortable with it. Once you have that together I may be interested in helping out. If you do have all that stuff together then please, give us the info.
Not taking any online orders.
Here is the game plan thus far. I got the idea cause I have some old stuff I have an old Zoom 505 multi effects pedal, An old Behringer V-Amp with broken knobs that still works. A rack mount EQ and rack mount effects unit both by Behringer. Some strings that I dont use that brand anymore. I tried selling this stuff on craigslist but it just sat there. Its not worth selling it overseas cause the shipping cost would almost be more than what the stuff was worth. So here I am stuck with this stuff. I could throw it away but I thought about giving to Good Will or the Salvation army or another thrift type store. Then it dawned on me. There are tons of Organizations that give recycled musical instuments to schools for band programs but nothing really for the average family. So I plan on cataloging my gear on a website and selling it locally at a discounted price with the profits going to website dues, repair costs and anything left over donated to local Schools Music Programs. To help those that donate I am creating like a press package to go along with each purchase that will list any info the donatee feels comfortable on giving (i.e. if you had a DJ business I will list your info or a Band) Also if my fellow musicians would be willing to provide a once a month service offering Free lessons to a small group of customers. I play in a band and am in the talks with others to hold a benefit concert to help get this all started. Eventually if it got big enough I would open a store that would basically be a music thrift shop with proceeds going to store upkeep and profits to music driven charities.
I am going to the chamber of commerce today after work. To start the paperwork and get all the guidelines.
^cool, Keep in touch with me as this progresses. When it's a but closer to being a reality I'll so what I can do to help out. My email can be found by following the links on my website. Don't want to type it here because of spam bots.
Not taking any online orders.
I'd be willing to give you my CA30 Acoustic Amp as soon as you can prove this is gonna go to what to say, and not just to you. I'm sure you understand
michal23, totally understandable. I will get in touch with you over the next week or so to see what you think of everything. I should have a website up by the weekend, with some of my own gear up. Again thanks for the support.
No worries, if the cost is within reason I will pay for the shipping cost.
Is that somthing that can be changed I know some things have dual voltage switches? If so all I would have to do is replace the Male plug, right?
Some amps have a switch but most still don't. If it does have a switch then a new plug with work but if it doesn't you will have to get a step down converter large enough to power the amp.
Not taking any online orders.