ok well I got the Digitech Bad Monkey. and when I was purchasing it some one in the store said "what does the bad monkey do, besides rip peoples face off?" I chuckled at that comment. The overall pedal is fan-****ing-tastic. And since I haven't done one of these NPD threads then i am just gonna end by saying I recomend this pedal to people who play Classic Rock. I also recomend you get a EQ pedal to boost even more (if you want).
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Congrats! Pics?
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Quote by mrxtreme_4
Congrats! Pics?

I would be seeing that all I have is my mother's camera which takes a while for the pics to load (even only a few) and if you don't know what it looks like then you can google it.
sorry for being lazy.
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nice pedal choice man


question i have about it is. if anyone has experience with the peda what are some good settings for something like idk Hendrix or Led Zep.
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Nice. I have that pedal too. I really don't like it when you turn up the gain all the way and use it over a clean amp. But it works great as a boost or to add a little dirt to an amp