hey my step-da is building me a new guitar and hes pretty experienced with woodwork, but hes never built a guitar before. Thats why i bought melvyn hiscock's book but neway i want it to be the same shape as an rr24, which i am having trouble finding the dimenions for.... so can anoyone help me out here? Oh and does the neck material have to be the same as the body if its a neck through???

oh yeah and im putting a seymour duncan blackout in the bridge(one pickup), so what wood would go well with it??? im making a maple neck and fretboard if that makes a difference. (i was thinking mahogany)

Sorry!! i am a noob when it comes to this stuff so and constructive responses are very welcome!!!!
it doesnt have to be the same material, it can be maple and mahogany persay.

mahogany is good, ebony for fretboard is good, and the blackouts are awesome
yeah lol ive already got a guitar with emg's so il get the blackouts. it kicked ass in the alexi signature i played. im goin for a maple neck and fretboard, coz im startin to like to look of it a bit more.

seriously though anyone got the dimensions?
good stuff thanks alot

anyone got a good website about building a metal guitar (includes how to do neck thru's, install humbuckers n ****) cheers for the help.

theres something important that im clueless about.... FRET SIZE seriously where the hell do i get measurements for jumbo frets, i mean ive got a guitar with the same fret size i want but i dont think measuring those would work... would it?
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The Melvyn Hiscock book has a neck through build in it

Project guitar tutorials and forums are always good reading


and the supplied of your fret wire should have the dimensions.

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