To start off, I'm a proud owner of Ibanez S-470, a nice guitar, been playing on it for almost a year (was playing a marshal one from starter pack year before that one). Well, me being a metal player, making the low E snap is no surprise, but changing it is a different story.

ZR tremolo with it's locking system has no "holes" underneath the guitar (it does have them, but you can't get through with a string, and sorry for bad English expressions, don't know the technical words, not my native language, so I'll try to explain it like this )

Well, unlike normal floyd rose, which I have encountered and have been changing strings on it, this one is different. Since there are no "holes" to push the string from bottom to the top of the guitar I'm stuck with changing strings the vice-versa style. The "ball" or the "head" of the string, goes on through the string tuners on the top of the neck and the rest of the string (a small part of it, have to cut at least 40% of it's real length so it can fit in the small tuners) goes down into fine tuners.



This is how my ZR looks like, as all of you probably know already. Well, the reason why I'm writing this is just a simple question after all. Is there a way to change the string like on normal floyd-rose, or do I have to keep changing them in the way that I've described, if you understood it that is.

Thanks for your time, sorry for asking a beginner question, just having some trouble getting my guitar up to D# (I'm playing in D mostly, but the first and second string are ought to snap sometimes while changing), and I'm using 49's D'Addario.

Thanks again
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If you've changed strings on a FR before, it goes the exact same way. One end of the string gets clamped in on the bridge by loosening the set screw behing the saddle, putting the string in, and tuning it up. You can cut the ball end off if you have to.

Hoped that answered your question.
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Quote by JLT73

Heh, thanks man, it just as I thought, head-balls on the top, the first two strings tend to break while changing. I'm mostly changing the strings one-by-one. I was trying to figure out what's the best way, and seems like this is the one.

Well, thanks a lot