I just wanted to know some of your guys opinion, im looking to start a band with a few of my friends im 18 im fairly good at guitar my rhythm skills are very good and with alil more practice my leads willl be better. I dont know what to do though! I don't want to start a band with really any CORE influence i dont mind some death or metalcore but thats just not me to play that. I really like death metal but i just don't think i can find anyone with the dedication and love for that music to really make it work. I really like thrash metal aswell but we all know thrash is pretty much dead. So i just wanted know what kind of band i should start, im leaning towards a straight up death metal type of thing, but if could play thrash and not make it sound gay or some rip off band i wud love that aslo. Do you think it would be possible to do that, and would you even consider listening to a younger band trying to do thrash. THOUGHTS??
I think you should ask your friends since they already seem to be in the band according to what you said. And then just learn music you like and write stuff that sound good to you. Kind of silly to force something in one direction if it doesn't even exist yet.
my band is thrash/// whats wrong with thrash bands?
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I would hardly call thrash metal dead. You just have to be a little more original with it. For example, Iced Earth merged thrash metal with power metal, and they're doing pretty well for themselves.

There's tons of good thrash metal, it's just not as mainstream as the Big Four, who are all well past their prime.
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