idk if this is right place but i hope so ok so pretty much since i graduated high school ive been getting out of shape and now that i want to start gigging idk if ill b able to play a set without feeling like sh it and i was wondering what i should focus on for workouts and if any of you ugers have a routine that keeps u in gigging condition!
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u dont really have 2 b in shape unless ure like really realy fat
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just go jogging and what not.
do push ups and situps and ab workouts so that you can rip off your shirt and show off your abs =D
lol im not really fat i just have a pretty bad back and a bad knee im falling apart specially for a 19y/o lol so i was just wondering thanks tho evcery1
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dont worry my body is absolutely wrecked (tendon problems in both knees, cartilage damage in shoulder, lose bit of something floating around my elbow and a heart problem)and im 21.
We do 2 hour sets and its not a big problem except maybe in mid summer for our drummer. Unless you have cronic asthma or something severely wrong with you I can't imagine you having any problems playing a gig of any length.
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