hey guys

i have a problem with my amp, but ill give you a little background first.

I have a fender Aerodyne Jazz and I love it. Best tone ive ever heard coming out of my little practice amp. Absolutely love the sound of the P and J pups alone and together.

However, I recently upgraded my amp rig. I have a GK Backline600 head going into a 210 and 115 cab.

I recently gigged with my new rig and found that I got a distorted noise out of my amp when playing at volumes that it should DEFINETLY be able to handle. Ive tried asking the guys at Gk and they told me to raise my master and lower my level volume on my amp, but it still sounds distorted at louder volumes(although i must admit much less then before)

I would really like to fix this problem if i could becuase all the amp gear costed alot and Im pretty sure that the amp is the only reason things sound bad.

I dont know what to do

Can any of you guys lend me a hand?
im guessing it's a faulty amp

also i feel obligated to ask, is your drive or gain on by any chance
I dont have a drive knob but my gain is on a bit yes. Should i lower it? I obviously know what it does, but for SOME reason I ws told to keep it at 12 o clock.

Not a good idea?
i used to have that amp and i loved it. anyway...if those are 8 ohm cabs which im guessing they are, the head is now sunning at 4 ohm stereo...that means it is putting 300 watts to each cab. i had the same problem when i had it. i hooked up my GK goldline 2x10 and harkey 4x10 and got the noise. my suggestion is
a. disconnect either the 10's or 15. that will drop the wattage back down to about 180, easily accepted by any cabinet.
b. turn the volume on the bass down, it will give it a little less attack, but i may smooth the sound out.
c. use the contour knob...less mids = less distortion and smoother sound
its actually not called gain its called Boost(same thing?) and its at 12 o clock. Where should it be?
turn that off. get a good sound at a nice, loud volume and turn the boost up accordingly. that is basically just power amp gain. it takes wheat you have and adds a little grit to get a more ampeg like tone
Quote by ppunkrokMr
.if those are 8 ohm cabs which im guessing they are, the head is now sunning at 4 ohm stereo...that means it is putting 300 watts to each cab.

are you sure?

I was told it split the 300W into 150 into each cab...

EDIT: So just to recap I should..

1)turn up my contour a bit
2)take off my boost and then do what you said?


I have my high mids very low, but my low mids as high as my bass....is that correct?
Im basically at 3 'o clock treb 9' o clock high-mid and then 3'o clock low-mid and bass
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a. no...300 watts is going to each cabinet. i hope GK didnt tell you it was split cuz that is incorrect.

b. turning the boost off is the first thing you should do. use the master volume(until about 2 or 3 o clock) and use the boost to do exactly that, boost.

c.contour should be last. it will affect your tone by cutting some mids out.

i like a really smooth, low tone and this amp did it perfectly until is was stolen. But is also could get a gritty tone if you like that better. for a grittier tone, use just the p pickup with the volume all the way up on the amp and a little more boost with less master. smoother tone from less mids and more master, very little boost. both pickups are fine for this, but maybe a little more jazz, your preference. you will see that with the boost all the way up and then using the master, it gets dirty fairly quick
is there any way to lower the amount of watts going into each speaker?

both speakers are 200W and the head is 300W. Is that a problem or is it ok???
that will be ok just as long as you arent pushing the speakers for hours on end. my 2x20 cab is 200 watt handling and my head puts out 300. it works fine. the only way i could say lowering the wattage is unpluging one speaker cabinet. what is your master volume at while practicing with the band or gigging?
the guys at GK told me to keep the master at 3 o clock and adjust the level as needed
yea. that sounds about right. you just are going to get rid of the distorted noise and the edit your tone from there