Lately Ive been writing down what Im thinking. Its complete and total gibberish I think. I understand it, but it has no structure, no nothing. Here is what I wrote yesterday.

Today a blow was dealt
in a fight for myself
for a man came by today
and pulled my trophy from a shelf

one big step
ego stricken on a wednesday night
fell two feet
never even bothered to put up a fight
to his knees
Im not retiring yet

Funny how it comes
in such a strange way
how its strange when you
finally get shot in the fray

Just looking back at it, I dont know. Is this even worthy of putting to music? Is this just rubbish? Maybe Im to critical of myself
cant give u any advice cuz im not even into lyrics, i dont pay attention, and im not good with words, but i like this. this is good:P
knocksvil wrote:

Ted Jensen said "I'm not proud to be associated with this one.".. nice one Ted.. now go and jump in the fire
pick a key, make up a chord progression, strum, sing
repeat the last two until something works
as for whether or not it's worthy that's not even a question
you decide if it's worthy
I want Super Saiyan abilities
Ill try that tonight. I for some reason always make an excuse that "I need a good acoustic to really be able to sit down and write something" or "I need to know more technical stuff before I get to writing" I just need to sit down and do this. So I should just sit down, find a progression, add other parts etc? I just say, G! and then write something off of that?
you could try that. you just have to find your own personal system
try things, experiment
i just jam out a little on the guitar at first to get the creative juices flowing
I want Super Saiyan abilities
I was in your position for ages. My advice is, write entirely on the spot, then change little details and turn into a song later on.

EDIT: And don't be afraid not rhyme - rhyming kills creativity.
Just play around with your guitar. As I was reading your song, I happened to have my guitar in hand. I started fooling around with it and came up with something decent. But it really depends on how you want to put the song together, like the vocal medolies and tempo of the song. You could play it really slow on an acoustic or turn it into a Slayer song. Words can be used in any kind of song, and once you decide on that, keep playing around in that genre, and you'll come up with something eventually. May take a long time, may come up in seconds.