Alright, so i recently purchased a used American Standard strat, and the bridge tone pot doesn't work at all. Everything else sounds fine, the treble pot works, but even after opening it up i didn't see anything wrong, no broken wires, but there maybe breaks under the surface. i did find tho that the treble pot is a TBX tone control. Could it be the 5 way pickup selector, but it wouldn't even make a sound if it was that would it? any suggestions?
The selector switch will having nothing to do with it. Does the pot work at ALL? Does it hiss/scratch when you turn it? What happens when you turn it, nothing? Does the bridge pickup sound muffled or wide open?

It might be broken, but it might just be very badly corroded. Either way it's about a $15 fix at a local shop ( option a ), or you could just head on over the GB&C forum and learn to fix it yourself ( option b ).

All the cool kids are doing option b. You should too.
don't the tone controls on strats only control the middle and neck pups ?
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Quote by mikeyElite
don't the tone controls on strats only control the middle and neck pups ?

You might be right, hahhaa, I grew up playing strats but have since switched to playing 2 humbucker guitars exclusively, it's been a loooooong time since I had a strat.

Not sure about that one.
yeah i think mikey may be right. try it with the middle pickup and neck pickup and then get back here after
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I think that the guitar has been modded or something, i'm not really sure. The TBX control is wired to control the bridge pickup, but there's a jumper on the 5 way selector to make it control both bridge and middle, yet it doesn't. Either way, the middle/neck(maybe) tone control in question doesn't do a thing. I turn it and there is no hiss, nothing. When in either neck or middle position, it sounds like it's coming out full signal, no interference. It's a 40th anniversary edition strat, and i haven't been able to find any of the exact specs on it, so i don't know whether the setup is stock or not. Oh, and i actually physically replaced the pot, and no change
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