I have a Fender roc pro 1000 combo amp
At practice today, I was playing fairly loud, and suddenly it began randomly switching between the two OD channels and I lost all sound. But this amp only does this at higher volumes
If it makes any difference, it was raining pretty hard outside when I was playing.

I can't figure out why its doing this, so I thought maybe one of you guys could help?
(and yes, I did check my cable and jack and that sort of thing.)
hmmm that's interesting. Did it just switch back and forth, or totally shut off also? 'At higher volumes' makes me think morewattage, some parts failing/half cooking.. Raining outside doesn't make a difference, assuming you were'nt ACTUALLY playing outside. As long as you're plugged into a grounded outlet, nothing should happen with that, and as long as your power lines aren't mixed with you're water lines, you're fine.,

Are you runing a foot switch with the amp or not?

BTW, I have the 700, do you like the 1000?
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no, the footswitch wasn't in at that time.

but, yeah, aside from the wierd thing that happened
the amp is awesome.