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i have a bugera 333xl 212 and a behringer metalien guitar, this guitar doesnt make the amp much justice(i played it through a friend's xiphos sounded WAY better) but still the sound is decent, so i was thinking of getting an overdrive pedal(like a tubescreamer or a MXR boost/overdrive), and i was thinking of a scheccter blackjack ATX fr or a bc rich nj dlx v. i play mainly metal,(by mainly i mean only,)

EDIT:i dont have the krankshaft, i was thinking that the tone i want may be achieved through better pups so im leaning for a new guitar
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budget may be like 1250
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i have a schecter, i swapped out one of the pickups for a duncan distortion, i don't know if i'd recommend that. I would definitely get a schecter. try the she-devil or something that has the duncan blackouts
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Go with the b.c. rich, my bc rich sounds and plays better than my schecter tbh.
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i would say the guitar man,

i hate to stray off subject but how is that Bugera 333XL?, i have had that in mind for a while now
guitar, definatly.
can't go wrong with schecter, great range, but most importantly go out there and play them.
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amp, then guitar, then effects if u even need em
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1250 USD? I would get a Carvin V220 with stainless steel frets then order a set of SD Dave mustaine pickups. You will have the best metal guitar on the planet.
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Get a new amp.

He has a 333xl, how does that need to be replaced.
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new guitar definatly, pedals (atleast the one's that I've seen so far) don't ever run any higher then $75 so definatly go with a guitar if your budget will allow it
New guitar

Probably a Jackson RR5FR/RR5 or Jackson DK2/DK2M
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