if you gave 1000 chimpanzees 1000 searchbars what would they find?
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I would use the searchbar.
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ExiledSoul, you have just won the Best UG Liar award. Thanks for participating with your incredible dumbassery and lies.

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I have a turd with a carrot stuck in it. Its the GREATEST pet ever, makes quite the mess though.
i would use the searchbar

**** beat to it

oh, btw... is it bad if your pee is red?

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in scotland they call carbonated drinks 'juice' so you would say a can of juice for example. But they call poop jobbies, so their take on things doesn't count.
My mom is a medical officer in the state department and we used to live in Ghana. When we were there she heard about these people somewhere in west Africa who were driving their jeep and were ambushed by chimpanzees. They got inside the vehicle and made a mess. they ripped their arms off (literally) and killed them. Not sure if anyone survived. Chimps are extremely territorial and dangerous. they are really strong and have sharp fangs. not so fun.

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