Well, I need another guitar... If you care to know, I currently have a MIM Stratocaster, Vox AC15, and Boss ML-2. My Strat sounds great, but it isn't suited for Drop C or heavy distortion very well... I'd like the following qualities on such a new guitar.

Fixed Bridge - I want to be able to switch tunings without worrying about my other strings.

Active Pickups - Nice sounding stock pickups, but able to be replaced with EMG 81/85 eventually if not already on the guitar.

Body Shape - Not crazy looking... Preferably simple Strat shape.

I was looking at an RGR421EXFM, an RG3EXQM1, and an RG3EXFM1 and budget is around the range of these guitars. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Not to be picking holes in your rig, but your amp is also not suited to drop C and heavy distortion.

EMGs into a small amp like an AC15 will sound scratchy as all hell, they're the sort of pickups that need a pretty beefy amp to do them justice.