Faded Jeans

/I hang them up for one last time
Those dirty, faded jeans of mine
All the mud they’ve been pulled through
Seems to make me think of you

I can't explain why but they almost seem real
Can’t find the reason for the feelings I feel

They’re only a pair of worn out jeans
Zipper busted, knees stained green
Pockets are snake holes; left with no purpose
Cuffs shred bare; reminds me of us

Why do they mean so damn much to me?
Back in my mind I’m starting to see…

Those days I was floating on clouds in sky
King of my own life; what a lovable guy
Don’t exactly know where things turned for the worse
Hand to god; the memories hurt

And those dirty old slacks are sitting in all of them
Ripped denim leggings; forming my second skin

There with my ladies; there with my friends
There on the lonely road - the bumps and the bends
They were a part of me, and now that they’re dead
My life is deflated; I’m sick in the head

Treat them just like an old childhood pet
A new pair isn’t what I wanna get

And oh how I wish I could sew up the seams
I can see us now, crystal clear in my dreams
You’re lookin’ damn fine; your red dress gleams
But I’m just as happy
In my faded blue jeans/

First lyrics I experimented on with rhyming, so some of it is just filler for now.
Rhymes are hard...
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