Hello boys and girls.
Okay I have these 2 tab books both from Alfred Publishing.
The Van Halen "Little Guitars Intro" has me asking 2 questions.
First, It says to use a capo on the 2nd fret, but I searched yahoo
and came up with 7 videos at You tube, for this ONE video of Eddie
I seen and he has no capo ( the only video I could find with any part of the intro that was visible), quality was crap, looked like he might be using a slide on his finger).
I also think I seen somewhere here on this site to put a capo on the 3rd fret.

And the 2nd part is, these books I have, seem wrong at the beginning.
It also says (Music sounds one whole step higher than written because
capo is placed at 2nd fret. Tab numbers are relative to capo.)
Not exactly sure how to take that staement accrding to what I have found below....

Now the very first notes and bar sound good with capo in place, then a few bars
later is where it IS 2 frets to low. so this has me a little confused or wondering
what the heck..

If I could write tab and put it here, I could show this to you, but I don't know how
to get started.
I could take a pictue though lol.
I am hoping someone has come across this or goes to figure out if I am full of
beans or not lol.. (I'm not).
Want the book names ?
Or tell me how to tab here I'll show you what it says..