I play a lot of light rock, ACDC is my main, songs like that, but I'm looking for a new guitar, because the one I have now is a Chinese-import "Titan" and it doesn't sound all too appealing.

If I'm looking for an ACDC type sound, so whats an effective, cheap Guitar+Amp setup for that tone?

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The amp will always matter more than the guitar. I believe Angus Young uses a Marshall JTM 45 with 4x12 Marshall cabs.
Just about any low wattage EL-34 or EL-84 amp will do AC/DC well.

I would look into a Brown Note kit.

Definitely talk to Gable, he knows a good deal about the low wattage amps and amp kits.
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How cheap?
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Whatever you get, just don't put the gain up too high. So many people uses more gain than needed for that type of music.
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you said cheap, so get a small wattage tube amp with an overdrive channel. also get an epiphone sg or similar guitar. with this combination you should be able to get an awesome bluesy/overdrive for AC/DC tone.
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Epi valve jnr, with say, a tube screamer or similar OD pedal.

Then something with buckers, an SG400 from Epiphone would suffice, if your budget can get that far, cos they're **** hot guitars!
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i have cheap CRATE tube amp (V-18) and i think the tone is perfect for AC/DC.
I use a dean vendetta (~$130) and a Raven 20 watt (~$100) with the gain just under half and using the bridge pickup it sounds very close to Angus Young. Just not quite as "loud" sounding
epiphone sg special if your cheap, or epiphone G400 or the vintage version of the SG, and a Roland microcube.