Hi there, back again in my quest for a new amp. In looking at my local listings on craigslist, I've found an old SS Crate amp at 100 watts, and that's all the info I have, including a picture


My question is if anyone knows what the hell this thing is exactly, and if it is worth it. $200 seems to be a good deal for me now, since I am looking for something loud enough for small gigs, around or under $400, and solid state is an interesting option for me if it is an old and obscure amp, or at least anything better than my current Spider 3 15w. I'm not dead set on SS either.

Thank you for your help, if any.
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I'd say look for a used peavey classic 30,or maybe a 50 but 30 watts tube should be plenty unless youneed alot of headroom then find a 50.
That is a REALLY old Crate amp, and $200 seems a bit much, especially as a brand new Crate GLX in at 120W can be had for around $300. I'd look into something else, something tube, or at least a new crate. Crates are decent, but I wouldn't buy one that old, especially at that price.
**** all the SS amps, unless you want really transparent sound, the problem with solid states, is their bad saturation, and their transparence, you would want a colorful amp to pair your guitar with in order to get what we'd call nice tone, for small gigs a combo would do the trick, unless you find a old no-name tube amp, if they are really old no-name had a rep for being really well made but inexpensive because of the lacking high scarcity of more popular brands.

Being loud may mean two things: being able to play without mic'ing, which would probably force you to get a real old tube amp head, usually of 40-50 watts, and in order to get distortion out of these things you crank the volume all the way up on the higher output channel, volume is now more of a problem than an issue if you've got complaining bandmates. The other meaning would be loud enough to be heard mic'ed through the mix, a 20 watts small tube head would def do that, but at that price the only thing you're going to be able to get is a used combo, save up some more for a head you'd have nice options like the orange tiny terror or stuff in that range.

Anyways, an investment would really help you maybe even just some months from now, save up some or haggle it well, and get a tube thing, unless the tone you want is not there, there's kinds for every taste, and the quality will outlast the cheap factor way quick. Hoped that helped !
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