Threw this one together tonight, was interesting, took longer than I thought to learn that silly little lick that runs through it.

Great song to jam to or practice with. I have 2 versions for you...

One is the instrumental version, and the other is an acoustic cover.

Staind - Outside Acoustic Instrumental

and with vocals:

Staind - Outside - Acoustic Cover w/vocals

As always, C4C... lemme know what you think. Tonight wasn't my best night for singing, I had a cough all day, but I think it came out alright.

Also, I'm looking for songs to try to learn, if you have anything, feel free to suggest it.
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+2 for keeping it real with the Staind covers
-1 Caz I didn't really care for the vocals.

But as with anything, practice does make perfect.

Keep it up man that was righteous.
ya I don't know wtf was up with my voice tonight but I had a cough all day. Oh well. I'll redo the acoustic version next week when my throat feels better.

Wait till I do the acoustic cover of "laid to rest"... yes it's possible, and I've got it somewhere on a practice demo.
I understand having throat issues and it ****s up you're singing, I did a bad scream once in the wrong kind of way and it ****ed up my voice for like a week strait. I still refuse to scream haha.

Drink lots of hot liquids, not like..OMFG THAT'S HOT, but a little warm, and don't talk a whole lot or strain really hard.
I actually thought the vocals were pretty sweet! Maybe not the best, but impressive none the less. I found the click track in the background annoying at some points, but that's not a technical issue.

C4C? - http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/domino_92/music/all/play467778
It's a short one. As for a song suggestion; the acoustic version of 'Tears Don't Fall' by Bullet For My Valentine.
I agree, I liked the vocals, I think your singing fits the song well. There are some spots that aren't perfect, but it's definitely still good. Guitar is just about flawless, great job. The kick drum or something, not sure if that's what it was, sounded a little bit weird, something sort of choppy going on there, not sure what.

I also listened to your Everlong and Wonderwall covers. I really liked Everlong, vocals and guitar. Only the prechorus vocals bothered me a bit on Everlong, but the rest was solid, this is another one that suits your voice.

For Wonderwall, good guitar as usual, but I wasn't really feeling the vocals on that one. They were decent, but the original vocals in Wonderwall are just so hard to compete with.

Anyway, great job overall, I enjoyed 'em.


What are you using to record btw?
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