ESP LTD will have a slightly thicker neck, and they'll have different shapes. I'd get the Roope model just cuz I'm a fanboy and love ESP but both are great for what you're playing. Does the ESP have that booster on it to push the pickup's signal harder?

EDIT: Aww, it doesn't have that boost =/ Either way, it's a kickass guitar, and the pickup ain't bad.
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IMO Jackson necks are uncomfortable I never played one I liked, and I have never played an Esp/LTD that I didn't like seems like the quality of the 400 and up line speaks for itself. My opinion is based on the models I've used and owned.

Jacksons I've owned
Soloist SL3

Dv8r x 2
Viper 400
Eclipse II
My Setup:
Dean VMNT(Metallic Silver)
LTD DV8-R (Snow White)
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I would go with the LTD, but that's just me. I find more comfort in the ESP necks rather than Jackson necks.
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look into a used esp m2 they are some of the best esp guitars made. They are great for shredding.
personally ive got nothing but good things to say about jackson guitars so id go with the rr24 but the esp would still be a kickass guitar and im sure it would most likely be a litle more shred friendly considering it a signature model from a member of cob.