well...here it is, after several months of writing, and procrastinating, my song is finally finished. Some of you may remember when I posted the WIP version several months ago. I would describe the song as Symphonic Melodic Metal in the vein of Eternal Tears of Sorrow(great band by the way). well, i hope you enjoy, C4C of course.

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Really good song! I'm serious. Really melodious in the beginning and beautiful melody. Like the way it went heavy. The melody is repeated nicely and it gets stuck in my head. The solo is also nice. I liked the revised progression bit alot. The solo at bar 93 has nice use of tapping. Nice ending as well with the strings and keys carrying on for a bit 10/10

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sorry it took me so long to get round to returning your crit, but here it is.

that was ****ing epic. all the melodies and the solos were great, great use of different instruments as well. i'd never normally listen to this type of music but this was amazing. i can't suggest any improvements because i don't think it could be much better. i loved the piano interlude and return to the melody, and the outro was great.

10/10, seriously, if you ever manage to record all this PM me.
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Very good song, the melodies were very strong and definitely capture the attention of the listener, and in the revised progression, very nice use of the snare.
One crit i have is that the solos just seem to be there, strictly composed solos. Maybe thats just because its on guitar pro though.
Also i know its annoying but maybe make the bass change up a little bit more.
But overall a very nice composition, really enjoyable

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