Hi im thinking about getting a Box for my warwick profet 3.2
But since I play death metal play downtuned dropC or straightD and was wondering what gear you guys use
A 115 would handle the lower tunings better.
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If you're gonna down tune a 15" is almost required. My band plays in Eb standard intervals and i have an 8x10 rig. it and we even tune to drop Db for some and it handles it ok. lots of rumble in fact. but a single 4x10 just doesn't have the rumble to it.
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You can also get the happy medium - a 2x12. Just throwing it out there. I use a 1x12 at band practice (I also play DM) and it is just right, even with drop D AND my low B string.


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def. go for the 1x15.
4x10 isn't going to handle the lows the lows the way you want them to.

however, if your doing standard tunings, I like the punch and sound you get out of
a 4x10. then again, I don't play death metal.

go for the 2(1x15). add an octave pedal. and some distortion. = done

I play a 2x12........In my side project band i play in Drop C, which it handles superbly for. At our practice place they have a Peavey 4x10......which really doesn't cut it at all......Infact, its quite scary how weak it sounds.....

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