Anyone know where i can buy one of these in that color i want one so bad!!!!!!
They discountinued the color and i really want one in that color anyone know any places online or lovally that have one?

Any suggestions would help!
Iv tried all the big names but got no where...
tried it all i really get is the picture but when you go to check out it says this finishes is not in stock and that its discontinued..........
google harder.

or ebay or craigslist. but guessing you've already checked there.
what color is it?
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Do people even try? I mean just search on ebay, it is faster than asking on here.
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you can get them here http://www.imuso.co.uk/ProductDetail.asp?StockCode=EG02266 if you get them from the UK.

Hmm you made me think should I buy one of these for my next Gibson? looks nice.
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