Hi everybody its been a few months that i have not been on the forums. Im looking for a good passive preamp/eq for my Pbass, it was was made in 84 and is still 100% stock and I want to upgrade with some new pickups and new preamp/eq. What do you guys think is a good passive preamp/eq for my pbass, keep in mind that my bass has only 2 knobs (master volume and tone). Thanx
I thought pre amps had to be active.
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I may be wrong but dont active preamps need batteries? My bass is passive so I dont need batteries.
preamps are always active. The preamp is basically the EQ stage of an amplifier, and therefore needs powering. A tone control is not a preamp. For passive electronics, you simply need to replace the pots and maybe wires. Hell, there may not even be any point.