Ok so I need some cool acoustic songs. No really slow ones or anything. Something a bit more upbeat. Preferably ones without open chords!
Good sing-along song is Numb by Linkin Park. Your strumming is in the beat of the drums though and in the chords of the guitar...which is kinda funny IMO but it works nicely.
Try "The General" by Dispatch. Always a good song to sing along with friends or a crowd. I got bunch of relatives who never heard of it but sang along with a passion when I sang it
not actually an acoustic song, but have i been a fool? by jack penate is really fun to play, its just G, Bm7, C and D all the way through. In fact, most indie songs in that sort of range are fun as hell to play, plus easy and upbeat.
Guns n Roses - Patience
Tenacious D - Tribute!

well, ok, Tribute is not a complete acoustic song, but it's nice to play
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not really acoustic but i play it on mine and it sounds good, caress me down, sublime.
Mr Big- To be with you. Its in E, so other than that and the A chord, it doesn't have many open chords. The solo is pretty easy and sounds cool too.

Goo Goo Dolls- try playing their stuff without using the tunings they use.

REM Losing my Religion.

Tom Petty

John Mellencamp

Bob Seager

Bruce Springsteen
Bluegrass Rocks


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Eagles - Hotel California - sounds great on acoustic in G using barred chords mainly!

Dave the Rave - "You can't sack me! - I'm Sack-less!"

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closer to the sun and collie man by slightly stoopid are both great acoustic songs. and alot of nirvana songs are fun to play and sing along with. personal favorite is about a girl sounds great acoustic.
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Everything but the intro? XD (Guitar I not II)

I love how it sounds :3

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Parasite by Nick Drake. Have fun with that

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