So under the guise of 'asking advice' I started this thread. I'd simply like to hear people's opinion's on my new acquisition (obviously, an Ernie Ball/Musicman Axis Super Sport Rosewood edition). I'd like to know if anyone has any experience with these guitars.
Never had the chance to try one, but they are HAWT.
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Wha, thank yuh gud suh. lol I think it's gorgeous. I've played plenty of the regular versions before and loved them. But I've got a set of pickups to put in it that are a little on the bright side. So I'm hoping that all that rosewood will tame some of the highs! lol
And why haven't you posted pics?
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I have exactly the same guitar: Axis SS rosewood.
My opinion:
- Neck = heaven, one of the smoothest and most comfortable necks i've ever played.
- Trem = ok, it does what it does, and it does that good.
- Tone: very versatile guitar, you can get anything out of this axe. BUT when i compare it to my Jackson, the bridge pickup sounds very thin. So you might switch that one out. The guitar does sound very good when you select both pickups in humbucker mode though.
- build quality: excellent
- tuners: excellent
- electronics: excellent
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Okay, I haven't posted pics yet because the Fedex guy hasn't brought it to me yet (should be here in the next hour or so though). And thanks for the quick review. I bought a used one off Ebay and the guy had already swapped out the stock pickups for a set of Duncan '59's. I'm sure they'll sound alright, but I'm throwing my custom HighOrder 'buckers in it.
Alright gents, I've got her! Such a wonderful instrument! The pickups suck, but that's okay, my custom set of HighOrder's will be installed soon enough and the sonic mayhem shall ensue! Probably my favorite neck ever.
would you be so kind as to post pics and make us all jealous of your new acquisition?

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