What is the best way to rout pickup and bridge cavities since I don't have any acess at all to a router. I was thinking chisel + sandpaper but I'm not sure.
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Good luck. See if you can use a circular drill (I'm pretty sure that's what they're called) to cut a very rough shape to the correct depth, then you can use a sharp chisel for the rest.
Curses, I read the title and my damn toothache came back : /. But yeah, I'd go with kenan
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Use one of the drill bits that looks like this:

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There is actually a bad video by the japanese metal band loudness that shows the cavities being cut with a chisel.

I would use a forstner bit in a drill press to remove most of the waste then use an extremely sharp chisel to get the final configuration. A sharp chisel will give you crisp edges. also a dull chisel is extremly dangerous since it tends to wander of from where it is supposed to be cutting and cut you.

To get a really sharp chisel I use the "scary sharp sandpaper method". Stupid name but it gets your chisels, plane irons, knives so sharp you can shave with them.

http://wood.bigelowsite.com/articles/scary_sharp.htm give a link to someone who is trying to make money off of something that can be bought at the hardware store for alot less. You can substitute mdf for float glass but you may want to buy a sharpening guide. It holds the chisel at a consistent angle then can be set to put a secondary bevel on the edge.
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