Then practice that part.
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i wanna see a clip of a recto buying some groceries.

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what the duck said

I lol'd.

But anywys I too need some string skipping exercises. Anyone?
Do what the seagull said to do.


The 'excersise' is the string skipping in the song.

If you can't do that string skipping, what makes you think you could do a different one?

Practice. Practice. MOAR PRACTICE. Then if you still fail, practice more.

Please add me if as a friend I helped! (I like to think I'm a friendly person)
Be sure when you're string skipping to kind of glide over the strings, but not so much that it sacrifices sound.

That's how Paul Gilbert and Shawn Lane's string skipping licks are so clean
Play scales on every other string. By this I mean start on low E, skip to D, go back to A, skip to G, go back to D, skip to B, back to G, then to e. Then do the same thing back up (except in reverse obviously).
Keep playing the string skipping bits in the song as others said. Take it slow then just lsowly adjust, never rush.
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