I am in need of your help...
My gear: BC Rich Beast & Peavey Vypyr 100

I want to reach a distorted sound like the one Darkthrone's Zephyrous has on Under a funeral moon.
A taste of this sound:
(to walk the infernal fields)

If anyone knows how to get this sound on my Vypyr, please let me know!
your help would be appreciated

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sounds like ass - but to answer your question just use one of the high gain models and crank the gain to maximum so it sounds like a buzzsaw. adjust eq to suit.

in all fairness, you've got a modelling amp with so many possibilities in front of you. just play with it until you find what you're looking for, it's not rocket science.
i can't realy listen to the song now (at college), but Darkthorne being Black Metal, i'd suggest full gain, and full treble, a fair bit of reverb, and adjust the rest to suit

sorry, i'll try and do a better reply later
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Fare bit of Reverb.
Treble high
Mids somewhat high
bass medium-ish low

For the classic Buzzsaw tone you can achieve it with a Boss HM-2 That's what dissection/entombed use... Even though that's a whole diff. genre