Hey like the title says i've got a hohner hr1000 guitar for sale.
you can look it up or something but some basic info about it and some stuff that websites can't say

24 frets
natural finish with some lengthwise stripes (like a lot of BC Richs have)
grover tuners (very good)
two Tesla humbuckers
Licensed Floyd Rose bridge that looks like an original

OK some stuff i can tell you about it myself
the pups have a pretty good metallica kinda sound because they're not too sharp and seem to have a lot of bass. let me just say they sound full and better than my Seymour Duncan in my Jackson although the seymour duncan has a little more treble and output which is better for metal
the bridge isn't great really but what's good about it is the arm has a pressure clip which my jackson doesn't have so the arm stays whereever you put it on the Hohner (doesn't seem like it makes a difference but it's pretty helpful)
also the fine tuners are better than my jackson's because they are less sensitive so if you're kinda out of tune you can tune instead of having to lossen the nut and retighten it

well there ya go if you're interested then either PM me or comment here although i'd rather you commented here because ill check it more often
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still have the guitar for sale? how much?

...if you have a myspace...its easiest to respond to me on there...mine is myspace.com/iheartadanielle