What pedal do I need for a good smashing pumpkins tone...something circa Siamese Dreams...I have a cheap Boss DS-1 and even with the fuzz all the way up it doesn't cut it...I NEED MORE FUZZ
Big Muff Pi, Marshall JCM 900, Lace Sensor Red-Blue-Silver pickup set in an Ash body Stratocaster.
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i think a marshall jcm800 with kt88 tubes, the big muff pi ( i think he used the russian version..) and the lace sensors.. i think for rhythm he also used a les paul
Re. the Big Muff Pi...do you get much of a difference in sound/tone by going with the US-made pedal vs. the russian one? I know the russian one's a little cheaper...thanks!
hmm.. not a huge difference, but a difference. both are good at what they do so i don't think you can go wrong with either
Billy used a 50s strat with a red lace sensor in the bridge, along with a blue and a gold (I forget which went where), which was fed into an ORIGINAL Big Muff (Triangle Version IIRC), which was then fed into his JCM 800 2203 (modded for KT88s). James Iha (if I'm not mistaken) used basically the same setup for the recording, or he may have used his Marshall JMP-1 Midi Preamp into a Mesa Strategy 400 power amp into Marshall 4x12s (1960 cabs if I'm not mistaken). same cabs for Billy's rig. James used his Les Paul Customs.
Though also it should be noted that the fuzziness could probably not be attainable even with the same rig as Billy or James. Siamese and Mellon Collie had layers upon layers of guitar tracks used in many of the songs so that could also attribute to a good deal of the guitar tone's character and body.
wasn't the recording all done by Billy? Like, every track?

In anycase. These people are giving you the exact gear that billy uses and are very specific about it. For an approximated Smashing Pumpkins tone, you really just need a good high-gain tube amp, a good distortion pedal and some nice pickups in your guitar. That's all there is to it.

Besides, we also have to ask, what era of pumpkins are we talking about? Becuase Billy used a 70's style strat with SC sized HBs for Adore and the Machinas on tour, and I think he's still using the same guitars. He also had Les Pauls, Gibson hollow-bodies and SGs, as well. He wasn't relegated to a single guitar. I also recall him using a JCM900 as well as an 800 at some point.

But, like I said: good, highgain tube amp (preferably dual channel, so you have a clean channel) a good distortion and a guitar with nice pickups and you're done. Ironically, the same could be said for just about any 90's alternative rock sound.
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