Hi, I made a thread awhile back about pickups for 80s hard rock and metal in a basswood Ibanez RG, however after researching bareknuckle's I've concluded that I would like to try them out.

My question is what would be better for those specific genres ? (Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, etc.)

Nailbombs or HolyDivers ?

Coldsweats are out of the question because they would sound to bright and brittle in my basswood RG, and I want something to warm up the basswood. I also don't need insane amounts of gain (Using a Line 6 POD X3, many high and low gain amps available).

If it's 80's you want, the Holy Diver is what you should get. I like the Nailbomb (a lot), but the Holy Diver is a better fit.
As its been said the Holy Diver would be a good candidate, I've also heard good things about the Warpig also being good for 80's style metal as well.
Tim recommended the Miracle man for my PGM301 for 80's rock/metal

i hated it and put my dimarzios back in.

It sure as hell was a good pickup, but just not for me...
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Wait for Rock Pig to show up. He's the BKP expert of UG.
Though you could always go to BKP forums.
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