I have a black Ibanez RG2 EX1. Its a 2005 I believe has not been used too much. I've gigged with it maybe 4 or 5 times. Other than that its mostly just been a backup. It has no problems or blemishes whatsoever. New elixer strings. Has stock pickups (emg designed ibanez pickups). This guitar is awesome, i knew I wanted it from the moment i picked it up. its so comfortable and has a wide neck seperating the strings enough so picking is extremely easy. but at the same time this thing shreds. I would be sad to part with this axe but I am looking for a backup thats a big less metal sounding. I am looking to trade this for some kind of LTD or any kind of Les Paul (gibson or epiphone). Will take some offers on schecters also. If you have a nicer guitar i would be willing to give some cash along with it. Would like to do this with someone who is in driving distance from Philadelphia, becaue paying to ship guitars just costs way too much money.