Hey everyone.

I just purchased a Digitech Whammy IV off ebay, good price but no power supply. I've seen a few ps' that go for about $20. Is there any cheaper alternative out there? I'm not sure about the exact specs needed, but one site I read said it uses 1300mA, 9V AC, 230V. Given I have two room mates that are electrical engineers, would that be hard to make? Also, I'm in the US, no euro adapters please, could run into trouble with those, heh.

Sorry if this has been answered, most posts I've found were euro adapters or trying to wire one into a daisy chain or something of the like.

Thanks in advance guys!
It very well could, I just read those specs on a site which could be wrong (probably are).
nope. specs are correct. had a whammy IV and now a whammy I. only difference is that it would not be 230V if you are in America. America uses 110V instead.

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go to radio shack, i used to work there, grab a power supply of proper volts and amps, then buy the tip adapter that fits the pedal... little known secret of radio shack but it wil cost you lke $8 total
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