I'm sorry about putting this in the wrong category(it has the most views)- but please help me!!!
My soloing skills are pretty bad- can you help me???
I know quite a few scales, pentatonic, major, minor, blues, harmonic minor, but i can't get my solos to sound good- Have you got any tips ???
I know this is a bit vague, but can you help me???
When i watch random videos on youtube it sounds really good- do people generally plan what they are going to play or do they just improvise???
Please reply!!!!!!
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wrong thread
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this is the wrong section

if i were you i'd delete this and post in musician talk or similar, you'll only get hassle if you leave this here

but since i'm posting i might as well say something constructive

listen to a solo you like, in a key/scale youre confident with. make up something which sounds remotely similar and jam to it, sooner or later you'll automatically build on it and it'll diversify itsself.

im not saying rip something off and keep playinig it, but thats a good way to find patterns that sound good to you, thats what it's all about, patterns, groups of notes, little licks that you can arrange depending on what youre soloing over

my 0.02

as i said, musician talk ftw
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
In several words... Practice, practice, practice. And when your done doing that practice some more.
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