I'm sorry about putting this in the wrong category(it has the most views)- but please help me!!!
My soloing skills are pretty bad- can you help me???
I know quite a few scales, pentatonic, major, minor, blues, harmonic minor, but i can't get my solos to sound good- Have you got any tips ???
I know this is a bit vague, but can you help me???
When i watch random videos on youtube it sounds really good- do people generally plan what they are going to play or do they just improvise???
Please reply!!!!!!
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i usually improv for a few minutes to see what i like, then take the tidbits of what i like. toy around with picking patterns. and mostly, feel the music. let it flow and when you do, youll write a killer solo.

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Well.. I'm not a guitar whiz myself but I have found it tends not to sound the same but similar. I advise you to keep listening to the solos over and over again and then play it yourself and make improvements. Also, if your a beginner you shouldn't atempt the solos straight away - learning scales are quite helpful when it comes to solos. Just keep practicing!
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