no matter how much practise i get, i can only get pinch harmonics on about the 3rd try. are their any videos or UG lessons that could yet?

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look at where are you picking, it's easier from just behind the front microphone (I think)
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try turn up the gain a little if you dont already have a ton, holy your pick closer to the tip, just keep at it. just my tips if you can post a video of your right hand it`ll help us see wat the problem could be
practice practice practice. find the hot spot on your pickups and make sure you aint got too much bass in your distortion and keep doing it. check youtube for vids. I dont think this is really an advanced technique though. lol.

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microphone? hahaha dont you mean pickup. you gotta find the best spot on the string where the harmonic will ring out, just mess from the first pickup to the 2nd, (that is if you have 2 i donno) but towards the middle to the end of your string. theres some videos iv seen on youtube that are pretty helpful,good luck
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First thing I'd say is: ignore anyone telling you to have high distortion and the like. All that does is make your pinch harmonics scream more. You should be able to hear your pinch harmonics even when your guitar is unplugged!
As for getting them:
--roll your thumb down toward the tip of the pick
- strike the string at more of an angle i.e. curve your hand down as you pick so the pick hits at around a 45 degree angle
- change the location at which you pick, you might have to move around a lot to find the sweet spot.
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Just keep trying, doing everything the others said - put headphones in though, cos it'll sound ****e until you nail it :P