Im lookin at a new guitar that comes with humbucker pickups.
They any good??
Always Rock!
PAFs are still considered the best pickups ever.
Invaders and X2Ns are IMO the worst.
Believe it or not, you get good humbuckers and you get bad ones.
What guitar is it?
What guitar exactly and what music do you play? Also, what amp do you have? How much are you willing to spend and where are you located?
The pups in it are incredibly muddy - worst stock pups I have ever played (seriously). If you swap them for some better pups the Epi can be quite a nice instrument, if you picked a good one.

May I suggest you take a look at the Ibanez RG321? It's a superstrat with two humbuckers that costs roughly as much as the Epi. The pups on it aren't great, but they aren't nearly as shoddy as the ones on the Epi. Both guitars are nice for modding though, so if you don't mind swapping the stock pups, either is fine.
Quailman's right/wrong. The Epiphone stock pickups are garbage. I recall another forum member claiming that they are identical to Gibson pickups and decent pickups... while they're similar, they're crap. The best way to describe the tone that the stock epiphone pickups will give you is this:
position 1 - ice pick
position 2 - icepick with a blanket over the speaker
position 3 - blanket

I replaced my Les Paul's pickups with a Duncan JB and a 59, and I haven't looked back since. It's fantastic. The G400 is a great guitar, but the pickups are garbage.
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