I'm considering picking up a second hand one and was hoping that someone who lives in the Toronto area could come with me and take a look.

We'll meet at Timmies,, I'll shout you coffee, mabe even a donut, take a look at your LP Standard and then we can go look at the prospective LP and make sure that it's real (it has no receipt).

Anyone interested?
you're so cute

i hope you find someone to go with. but if not maybe you can go to the used lp, take some pics, ask the right questions and get answers back here.

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That's my backup plan I think, take pics. I went down to the local guitar store to get some of an LP standard but they only have the LP Standard Plus top.
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are you asking me out on a date?

lol, sure. If you are LP Standard experienced, in the GTA and know what you're looking at.
man that was so canadian. I live in toronto too. Btw and timmys is my fave meeting spot lol. Where in toronto do you live?
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are you asking me out on a date?

You, me, coffee, donuts, and an Epi LP Custom.
If I lived in T-Dot, I would take you up on that offer; I owned an LP Standard not long ago.

FRIG. That is so not fair.

I live like an hour and a half away... if you come here, I'll shout YOU coffee and donuts, and then we can go look around here!