hey guys
im working on a band logo, and i got a picture of a flower. i selected only the flower itself and made a layer for it, but now im trying to make that effect where in only has black lines that outline and shade it (not greyscale, like literally only black and white). any idea how to do this?

btw do u guys thing "Bloom" is a good name for a metal band? cuz i hate it
Artistic Effects>Stamp Tool

and no, Bloom is a crappy name for a metal band...
unless you look like this...
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Play with the Stylise filters. I'm sure one of them can do that.

And Bloom is ok I guess, not very catchy though.

I'd go with something along the lines of "Writhing Womb"

or "Foul Stench Vagina"

or something.
oh, pencil/ink or photocopy effect stylize
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logo's are best to be done in illustrator, my friend

knows vector > photoshop for logos.
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Is there a thing at the top where you can choose filter then filter gallery? It should be under that I think, or you could change it to black and white and put the contrast right up.
you might be able to desaturate it and then play with the hues till its black and white?

I just started a class on it a week ago so excuse me if im off a little
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would you have a tatoo that says "bloom" on it?

if not, it's a bad band name.
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Copy it to multiple layers. Then use the Magic Wand select tool, and click on any part of the flower. once you have a portion selected, choose the next layer up (should be blank) then edit>stroke> then select whether you want to fill inside the line or outside.

to get the outline of the shape first, go to your original layer (the one with the flower) and use the Magic Wand to select any blank area outside of the image. then hold Shift + control and the letter I. this will invert the selection. after that, use the stroke option to fill the selection lines.
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I think Bloom is a badass name

It's not to "WE HAVE TEH EPIC BROOOTALZZZ NAEM!!!" and its not to gay.