I've been playing for like 6 months and I think its about time I upgrade my really ****ty guitar and get a gig amp (as of right now I have a Roland 15x Cube, which is a good practice amp but def. won't work for gigs). I've been doing some research and I really have no idea where to begin. I looked into some Schecters and the Hellraiser V-1 looked really nice but then I talked to a friend who said that due to the EMG 81/89 active pickups it is strictly a metal guitar, and I'm at the point where although I want to play more metal my skill level isn't good enough to go out and start shredding. I really just need a good solid guitar and amp that will last me for a decent amount of time and on which I could play both Aerosmith and Pantera without sounding like crap, for ideally around 1500$ or so. Thanks in advance
Hagstrom makes some pretty good versatile guitars. I like the UltraLux XL2 or XL5, but that's personal preference.
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Get a Peavy 6505 amp if you want a good gig amp, they cost around $1500 and are great for metal
for a guitar a Schecter is perfect, they make solid guitars, Im buying a 7 string Hellraiser once I get the money
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For Guitar, Charvel San Dimas or So-Cal thats exactly what ur looking for.
It can handle any genre and is only 1000 (Seymour Duncans, OFR, Maple Neck etc)
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Just because a guitar has EMGs doesn't mean you can't do rock on it. Adam Gontier for Three Days Grace does lots of rock and metal mixing with actie pickups (He uses the Schecter Omen-7 with EMG 707 pickups). If you like the Schecter, go for it! Amp wise, I'd direct you to the Randall family of amps. Anything they make can go from rock to blues to country and metal. Good quality amps for under 1000 usually
well for one, you dont "need" a gig worthy amp unless you plan on gigging.

regardless, checkout a tube combo, in the 30-50 watt range (50 is more then enough) there are a lot of brands so you gotta go play and see what suits your style and what will match the tone you are going for

as far as guitar, Schecters are really nice. The EMGs are mostly metal pups, but do cleans decent. personally I hate emg's, they are very sterile and generic sounding - others would strongly disagree.

if you want a nice well rounded guitar you cannot go wrong with a Les Paul or SG type. ESP make some good guitars in the mid range price that are versatile. Schecters are really nice, and have a great feel. Honestly your best bet is to hit the shops and start playing around. Everyone has an opinion on whats the "best" but only you can decide what works for "you"

read up, do some reasearch, but more importantly go out and play around. dont buy the first guitar you play though, try different styles and brands but if I was to recommend anything, you cannot go wrong with a Les Paul.

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