This is our new song basically, wanted to see what you guys thought. I'm aware the quality's bad and stuff but feel free to tell me that anyway and give us some advice for improvement =P

I'd also like some criticism on the song itself, I wrote the pre-chorus and the solo and the others took care of the rest so slag it off all ya want xD


I will C4C remember! Also check out the other song if you have the time, the instrumental I posted it up here a few weeks ago, I thought i'd mention it cause it's way different to this new song.

LMFAO at the singer.... its meh, plus i think ppl are getting tired of all this core music, i am
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lol! tbh I'd agree with you, if you listen to the second song I did that all myself because I didn't like the sonic syndicate style the others were aiming for.

It smells and I wanna play progressive metal so I have another band on the roll too, thanks for being honest =) if anything this will be leverage to change the style, lol
This is pretty ok for Metalcore, but as mentioned by others the vocals are a big letdown. The bass is for the most part inaudible but that's something that plagues most Metalcore. I thought the solo was pretty cool. The drums are also a little too loud in the mix in some parts. The chorus is pretty cool except for the clean vocals. This sounds like if you had better quality for recording it could be pretty cool. The screamed vocals actually remind me of Black/Thrash Metal and not so much Metalcore.

Overall, all that needs improving is the quality of the recording, the clean vocals, and try to make the bass a little more audible next time you record.

Oh and the instrumental was pretty sweet.

Crit Mines?

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